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Research and Advocacy for Community Safety

About Program


This program focuses on conducting research, raising awareness, and advocating for improved community safety measures directly affecting young people. It empowers young individuals to participate in shaping policies and strategies that enhance their well-being.


Safety Surveys and Data Collection:
Collaborate with local schools and organizations to collect data on safety concerns and experiences of young people in the community. Use this data to identify areas that require attention.
Safety Awareness Campaigns:
Develop campaigns that raise awareness about safety issues affecting youth, such as online safety, street safety, and mental health support.
Youth Safety Ambassadors:
Train young individuals to become safety ambassadors who can educate their peers about safety measures, provide resources, and advocate for safer environments.
Policy Advocacy Workshops:
Organize workshops that educate young people about policy-making processes. Guide them in developing advocacy strategies to influence local policies related to community safety.